IBT - Initial Basic Training

Initial Basic Training (IBT) is a mandatory training course that teaches basic riding skills to learner motorcyclists. It can help you improve your knowledge of road safety.

  • IBT categories include
  • - A1 > modules 1,2,3,4 > Course duration 16 hours
  • - A2 + A > modules 1,3 and 5 > Course duration 18 hours
  • These modules are a mixture of theory and practical riding skills. For more detailed information on what each of the modules cover, click on the RSA IBT information booklet - link :

    When you have completed initial basic training (IBT), your instructor will issue a certification of satisfactory completion. NOTE: your IBT certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of issue and cannot be extended.

    After holding your learner permit for 6 months and a valid IBT completion cert, you can then apply for your motorbike test. We offer comprehensive training in a friendly, controlled environment to give you the best possible start to motorbiking. We at idrive provide high quality protective equipment for training.

    We supply A1, A2 and A motorbikes for IBT and test.

PreTest Lessons

On test day give yourself every chance by doing a pre-test lesson with us.

Located in Ballincollig, we are ideally placed to offer full pretest training on the same roads, junctions and locations for all riding manoeuvres.

  • - IDrive supplies A1, A2 and A category motorbikes for the test.
  • - Booking of a motorbike for the test must be arranged in advance (T&Cs apply).

Advanced Training

Many people say they enjoy riding a bike because it gives them a strong sense of freedom- But it’s even more satisfying when you know you have the necessary competences to keep yourself safe. Whenever you ride, your safety depends on your actions and your ability to anticipate and avoid the action of other vehicles. You need a high level of attention, good hazard perception and excellent situational awareness which we strive to teach in the advanced training course.

Already a competent rider? But want to improve your skills and become a safer and more confident on the roads. Ian holds multiple certificates including National diploma in advanced riding instruction. We offer advanced ROSPA training which will build on the skills already learned and will ensure you reach your full potential as a rider. The ROSPA advanced test is regarded as one of the most challenging tests of its type. A proud achievement for anyone so book today for an advanced training session and challenge yourself.

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ROSPA Gold Rider

Ian holds a National Diploma in Advanced Rider Instruction.

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We are a registered and quality approved RSA motorcycle instructor.

First Bike on Scene

Safety is paramount, we are equipped with emergency response skills training.

IAM RoadSmart

FETAC Level 6

FETAC level 6 qualification with a distinction.